A classic city famous for its canals, beautiful houses and red light districts. This city has more culture per capita than anywhere else; you can tour the city with retired sex workers; the houses are narrow and locals will give tourists a ‘’backie’’. Searching for a city that satisfies your indulgences and other liberal pursuits? Amsterdam is certainly your best bet!

Top 5 Tourist attractions in the city of Amsterdam.

  1. Canals of Amsterdam. Built during the 17th century to control the flow of the Amstel River, wealthy merchants soon discovered that the canals were perfect for displaying their mansions. Tourists can have a perfect view of the traditional Dutch architecture via a boat ride.
  2. Rijksmuseum. Regarded as one of the most important museums of the nation’s art and history, it houses lots of artifacts from centuries ago, notable among them are paintings from Rembrandt.
  3. Van Gogh Museum. Located in Museumplein, it houses the world’s largest collection of paintings and letters. This museum is one of the most visited museums in Amsterdam.
  4. De Wallen. This is home to Amsterdam’s famous red light district. Though littered by windows illuminated with red lights from where sex workers entice passers-by, the area is however very secure due to a heavy police presence. The district also plays home to the city’s oldest church.
  5. Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam. Located on the western side of Dam square in the city center, it was converted into a palace during the Napoleonic wars when Napoleon’s brother Louis was crowned King Louis 1 of Holland.



Top 5 Restaurants in Amsterdam.

  1. Mount Everest Tandori
  2. De Silveren Spiegel
  3. Zaza’s
  4. Blue paper Restaurant and Candlelight Cruises
  5. Vinkeles

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