Barcelona is a beautiful city that sleeps during the day and comes alive from dusk till dawn. Barcelona has all it takes to fulfill your nightlife desires and leave you coming back for more. The nightlife is known world-wide and offers everything from swinging jazz, salsa spots to the outrageous nightclub scene.


Top 5 Places to Visit in Barcelona at Night.

  1. Las Ramblas: Usually the first port of call for visitors in Barcelona, Las Ramblas is a street in Barcelona popular with tourists and locals alike. It leads from the iconic statue of Columbus at water’s edge to the Plaza de Catalunya. Las Ramblas is littered with bars and restaurants and has lots of street artists putting up performances for tourists.
  2. Open Air Club (La Terrazza): If you have never been in an outdoor nightclub, then La Terrazza is the place to be. Located in Avenida Marques de Comillas, the club plays all type of popular music for tourists and locals to enjoy under the stars. We recommend visiting this place only during warm months.
  3. Get on the Boat! Take advantage of the Booze Cruise to unleash your wild side. Party hard with babes in bikini, jump off the boat, munch on BBQ, dance to music from top DJs on board and drink lots of beer!
  4. Icebarcelona: A fashionable ice bar on the beach of EL Somorrostro, it offers a unique experience in a modern ice interior. Experience the first ice bar at the beach in the world where everything right down to the glasses is made out of ICE! We advise you dress warmly before visiting this bar.
  5. Situated at the top of the Tibidabo tram line, it offers visitors the opportunity to have dinner with a view of the city. It is one of the most magical places in Barcelona to relax, discuss and have some drinks with friends and loved ones.

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