1. International Christian Fellowship Rome. This Church is committed to touching one, touching Italy and reaching nations! The church helps members grow together, pray together and rely on the Holy Spirit for the power to do exploit. 
    Location: Via Guido Castelnuovo 28, 00146, Roma, Italy. 
    Sunday Worship Hours: 11:00 am
  2. Rome Baptist Church. Home to a congregation from more than 30 nations, Rome Baptist church helps its members seek God together, pray together and grow together. 
    Location: Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, 35, 00186, Rome. 
    Sunday Worship Hours: 9:30am – 12:00p
  3. Methodist Church English Language. This church helps its members draw closer to God through prayers and the study of the world. It opens its doors to locals and visitors who want to know more about God. 
    Location: Piazza di Ponte Sant’ Angelo 68, 00186, Rome. 
    Sunday Worship Hours: 10:30 am.
  4. RCCG Power House Parish. The mission of this church is to make sure souls are won to the kingdom of God, liberating the children of God from the kingdom of darkness to the marvelous kingdom of light. The church empowers members to feed their spirit with the undiluted word of God and utilizing the awesome power of the Holy Spirit against the devil. 
    Location: Via Galliano 8, 42100 Reggio Nell, Emilia. 
    Sunday Worship Hours: 10:00 am.
  5. International Christian Church Rome. ICCR is an international English and Italian speaking Pentecostal church. The church’s mission is to reach people of all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and see that people are saved, healed, set free and empowered for ministry. 
    Location: Via Leopoldo Traversi 29, 00154, Rome. 
    Sunday Worship Hours: 11:00am – 13:00pm

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